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Comprehensive Home Water Heater Services
in the Miami Valley, OH

Do you know how much you depend on hot water? From washing dishes to showering to doing laundry, many household tasks require hot water. If you’ve noticed that your water takes a while to heat up, call Brocious Plumbing, Heating, & AC. We specialize in home water heater services, including repairs, new installations, and maintenance.

We provide these services to homeowners living in the Miami Valley, OH, area. If you’re not sure whether you need minor repairs or a brand-new residential water heater, call us today for an inspection. 

Water Heater

Gas Vs. Electric Residential Water Heaters

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or you’ve put off replacing your home’s water heater, we have your back. We offer both standard and home tankless water heater options from industry-leading brands.

Typically, home gas water heaters are the best option for those with already installed gas lines, while residential electric water heaters are best for those who are looking for a lower maintenance option.

Not sure which one is best for your needs? Call us today to schedule an inspection. We'll inspect your house's water heater and make recommendations.

Sign up for Routine Residential Water Heater Services

Taking advantage of routine maintenance is the only way to maintain efficiency. That’s why we offer flexible home water heater maintenance plans. Our licensed and bonded HVAC technicians can service most makes and models and will perform tasks including:

  • Checking Anode Rods
  • Testing TPR Valves
  • Draining & Cleaning the Tank
  • Checking the Thermostat
  • Flushing
  • Insulating Pipes & Tank

With routine residential water heater services, you’ll catch problems before they become serious, extend the life of your unit, and prevent rising energy bill costs. Call us today to start your plan.

  • Are you experiencing an emergency? We offer around-the-clock servicing for both gas and electric home water heaters. From the moment you call us, we’re already on the way.
  • Get better insight into different types of home water heaters. We enjoy educating our clients and always offer straightforward explanations.
  • Know that quality is never a question when you purchase your house's water heaters from us. We only carry new units and replacement parts from trusted brands on the market.
  • Experience less hassle when you let professionals like us handle your home water heater installations and repairs. We’ve been helping homeowners like you for over two decades and know what it takes to get the job done right. 

Do you need a new home water heater?

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